Kate Rawnsley

Over the past twenty years my work has been concerned with landscape. I am particularly curious about the unconscious processes that package perception. The allotment series was created as a reaction to my move to Bradford from the Yorkshire Dales. I became aware of the contrast of ideas that are imposed upon the two different types of landscape. I had spent time living within this rural landscape , working in the quarries, factories, paper mills and other ‘blots on the landscape’ that were seen as marring the tranquil aspect. I was aware that visitors arrived with many assumptions and expectations. These notions were often imposed upon my landscape, calling into question the legitimacy of my place of work. After moving to Bradford I began noticing little sublime spaces, echoes of home. They were overlooked and not regarded with same reverence as the Dales. The allotment series are a reaction to this. I tried to switch the two differing notions of landscape and apply the pastoral delights of the Dales to little neglected pockets of Bradford.

I then became interested in my memories of the land scape of my childhood. I was concerned with discovering how my recollections and depictions of these landscapes are influenced by memories formed in childhood. I drew and printed several pictures of places from my past without visiting the locations. Many of the spaces I had not seen for thirty years. After I had completed the work I went back. The exaggerated scale and drama of the prints was unexpected. It i s curious how, that which is remembered is continually morphed. What we see, changes imperceptibly into what we need to see. Perception attempts to avoid the dissonance between the clinical observation and that which sits happily with who we think we are.