About Us

I opened The Butterfly Rooms in January 2010 to give artists a platform on which to showcase their work. It’s a really organic company, we’re constantly changing and developing, figuring out what people want to see in the shop and what we should be offering to people. We’ve developed a great following of loyal customers for which we’re really grateful and we regularly get positive feedback about the shop so we know we’re going in the right direction!! We were very proud to be shortlisted for a GREATS award in 2012 in the specialist retail section.

We have 4 artist’s studios above the shop, which offer a great space for the artists to produce their work in an inspirational setting. It’s great having the artists working in the building, it feels like a real creative hub when everyone’s in and they’re a constant source of inspiration (and biscuits). You can see more about these talented ladies here.

We also run workshops from the shop and you can find more information about those, here.

If you have any questions about the shop, or you’re interested in putting your name down on the studio list, please email us at info@thebutterflyrooms.co.uk